Entrevista com Matsyendranath Maharaj

Sri Guru Yogi Matsyendranath Maharaj é o único representante da Natha Sampradaya na Rússia. Nesta entrevista em duas partes (YouTube) ele explica o que é a ordem Natha e quais são suas principais características.

Parte 1
Parte 2

A quem tiver interesse no Nathismo -- donde se originou o hatha yoga --, recomendo também a leitura desta entrevista. Os tópicos são muito semelhantes aos apresentados no vídeo, mas tratados de forma mais extensa. Eis um trecho:
Iyengar, P. Jois and perhaps Krishnamacharya too - their schools present the synthesis of techniques, which they borrowed and formed up from the texts of the subsequent teachers like Svatmarama, Gheranda, and only on the certain extent, because you will not find in these texts what Iyengar or Jois teach. Their yoga is oriented to the West. I do not want to say that there is nothing of value there; these teachers have done a lot for the modern world of yoga. One can list many other modern schools, the main problem is that they break yoga to styles, and it forms the rigid notion about practice in the human minds, which is very different from natha's yoga. The situation of the man who wants to practice hatha-yoga is similar to the story of the centipede, which was asked about how it managed to synchronize the work of every leg. As a result, lost in thoughts over the matter, it was unable to walk. Now we also don't know what Krishnamacharya himself practiced, because each of his students teach his own style and considers it to be the most correct, and the styles are totally different. Moreover, nathas are not limited only by work with the body.